Jason Keath is an accomplished innovation leader, entrepreneur, and creativity author. His mission is to unleash creativity in individuals and organizations.

As the co-founder of Social Fresh, a prominent marketing agency and conference series, he combines his unconventional outlook with decades of branding and creative leadership experience to drive innovation. Over 350 of the Fortune 500 have worked with Social Fresh or engaged in their training initiatives.

Keath’s forthcoming book, “The Case for More Bad Ideas,” champions his belief that counterintuitive frameworks are vital for breakthrough thinking. Through an active, intervention-based approach, he advocates finding your unique creative process through experimentation, risk-taking, and understanding failure.

His philosophy centers on creativity as a skill that can be honed. Keath empowers others to step outside their comfort zones, ditch perfectionistic hang-ups, and have more fun generating novel ideas, even if they seem flawed initially.


“Great ideas often exist between the obvious and the absurd.”

– Jason Keath





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