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The 3 Horse Rule and how to get more out of your next brainstorm
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Have you ever had to sit through a crappy brainstorm meeting? Yes, yes you have. You might even hear the term “successful brainstorm meeting” and wonder “what does that look like?” In this post I’ll explain a simple rule that you … Read More

Make yourself more creative through these 3 simple rules
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Creativity is the performance drugs of corporations, writers, and artists alike. Both in hiring talent and in squeezing the most value out of that talent. As individuals and teams. The most popular creative process in the world is brainstorming, and … Read More

Brainstorming: You’re Holding It Wrong
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The Corporate America brainstorm is a watered down clone of what it once was. But it can be saved. We don’t teach people to be creative. We teach art. We teach creative writing. We even teach business leaders how to … Read More