Jason Keath

Creativity + Innovation

Jason Keath is an award winning creative, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and published author. As the co-founder of Social Fresh, he leverages his extensive background in strategy and marketing to drive innovation and brand growth. His upcoming book, “The Case for More Bad Ideas,” champions his counterintuitive approaches to creative thinking.

The Case For More Bad Ideas

The Counterintuitive Guide To Creativity

(Releasing Fall 2024)


How to think divergently

How to think divergently

Do you ever feel like all your ideas are boring? It happens to everyone, regardless of creative expertise or the deadlines currently staring you...

How to find what you’re good at

How to find what you’re good at

"How do you find what you are good at?" is the wrong question. The hard truth is we all suck in the beginning. And that's ok. It is a default status...





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