Testing Posterous to WordPress Publishing

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Let's see if this works. I want a way to post more video and photo content to JasonKeath.com quickly and easily. Sometimes I want to add some commentary to something a bit longer than a tweet and I don't want it to live on Tumblr or Posterous. I love how easily Posterous handles rich media, so I am hoping it can republish items here for me and act as a middle man for my spur of the moment commentary.

Do you use other tools to do something like this?


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  1. Bojan Djordjevic

    I am using it, it’s awesome. It has certain limitations, it doesn’t center my pictures at the middle of the post, rather puts them to the left… Other than that it’s awesome help for any blogger, and lets me back up my blog posts to various blogging platforms.nnEntire of my blog is posted via posterous, you can check it out at:nnhttp://www.bojandjordjevic.com

  2. jakrose

    Thanks Bojan. Glad to see it is working for someone else. This first attempt was flawless. Tweaking a few things and hopefully this will have me updating things here a little more often.

  3. Merrin Robinson

    My new favorite tool is Amplify, a bit like Posterous, you are able to clip bits of the web you find interesting, add your commentary and auto-post to Twitter, Facebook, WordPress etc even Posterous. You have Amplify ‘Followers’ and ‘Sources’ whose posts show up in your news-feed. You can embed photos and video too!nnhttp://amplify.com/