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The landscape of the social web includes a vast array of different skill sets – from SEO to Advertising to Design and more. Building a robust and successful Social Media Marketing plan, a person or company needs as much competence in as many of these skill sets as possible.

You don’t need to be an expert, but you need enough working knowledge to be able to research and improve your marketing. Over the next few weeks, I have invited experts from several of the most relevant industries involved within Social Media to share their insights. Guest posts will speak to what Social Media Marketers needs to know about each skill set, each industry.

The Social Media Skills and the Guest Authors

  1. Advertising – Edward Boches of Mullen Advertising
  2. SEO – Corey Creed of Hippo Internet Marketing
  3. PR – Christine Perkett of PerkettPR
  4. Graphic Design – Adam Martin
  5. Copywriting – Jim Mitchem
  6. and more…

There are a couple other skill sets I plan to add. Some of the suggestions through Twitter have included Psychology, PPC, and Email Marketing. I am considering all three and talking to experts in each about their thoughts of adding these topics. Should be a fun blog series. Be sure to give your thoughts along the way. Posts will be every Monday and Thursday until we exhaust the topics. First one starts off tomorrow.

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