Must Have More Social Media Numbers! How can I haz more fans?

by | Jul 26, 2012

We love us some fans… Also followers, friends, and subscribers.

Yes, audience size is important. Yes, it should be  quality audience as well.

Over at Social Fresh we write a lot of how to content. And one topic that we get asked about a lot is how to get more Facebook fans. Same for Twitter followers, Pinterest followers, even Instagram followers.

And no matter how many of these articles and how-to’s get written, step one is always the same: Use your existing resources.

If you have a storefront, put up a sign to gain Foursquare check-ins. If you have ads, include your Facebook page as a call to action. And if you have a customer email list (you better have one of these), find valuable ways of sending your email subscribers over to your Twitter account or Instagram profile.

Your blog is a great place for a Facebook like box.

Your Twitter profile can be a great place to link to for your Facebook page.

The integration of existing resources is the biggest step one to get more social media numbers behind you.

The number one thing to do is build that email list.

If you are not already investing in building your company’s email subscriber list, stop creating a Pinterest contest for your brand, stop looking for Facebook ad examples, stop spending all day on Twitter, and start focusing on how to get more emails.

And more fans will follow.





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