Social Media in Charlotte 2008, Year in Review

The Social Media scene in Charlotte, NC is starting to pick up in a major way. Before we prepare to rollover into a new year of events and networking, I wanted to review all of 2008’s Social Media happenings. Together, Social Media types have been  growing a rich internet technology community in Charlotte, something that has been greatly needed.

  • Guy Kawasaki Event – Network Solutions put on a great event in Uptown Charlotte, by bringing the Apple Evangelist and Entrepenuer, Guy Kawasaki, to speak free for 100 people. @93octane helped put together a post event dinner/Tweetup that is still impacting some of the attendees today. (Me pretending I know what I am talking about with Guy)
  • Tweetups Take Over – Southend, University, Lake Norman, Uptown Charlotte,  or #BtynBiz (Ballantyne Business Lunch Meetups every other Wednesday) – Twitter Meetups have solidified themselves as the sounding board, planning meetings, and brainstorming sessions for Charlotte’s Social Media community as a whole. There are usually 3 to 4 a month now, if not more. Some cool photos of past Tweetups (thanks to @93octane).
  • SEO Meetup is allowing people all over the world to come together in an organic online organization. One of the best examples of this in Charlotte is the SEO Meetup Group who has seen increasing attendance and group members. They have started to step up their events with regional speakers, panels, and a broad Social Media agenda of content. Many of their recent events have been webcast live as well.
  • Social Media Club Charlotte – The genesis our very own local Social Media Club took place a couple months ago. We have had 2 official meetings/events so far. The Ning site we set up is gathering members fast and quickly becoming a hub for Social Media events across town.
  • Charlotte Jelly – Trying desperately to drag Charlotte into the coworking space trend is tough, but Catalyst 704 has had a couple initial successes so far and hopes to step things up in 2009.
  • Pecha Kucha #1 – This unique, fly-by-presentation event is just one of many that is producing “group content” in a social atmosphere around Charlotte. I was not able to attend, but I heard it was very successful and entertaining.
  • Charlotte WordCamp – As one of the first events of it’s kind in content and scope, WordCamp gained over 120 attendees and showed how hungry Charlotte’s online community is for more events and conferences. The event was a great success with support of the Charlotte Observer,, HostGator, and of course most of the marketing was word of mouth through Twitter.
  • Kirtsy Meetup – The founders of the Female Digg (I hope they don’t hate that name) got together with the some of the more social of Charlotte’s Social Media crew.
  • Drive By Consulting Meetup – While small in size, the content and concept of this meetup was very cool.
  • PBRDrinkOff Tweetup –  Thanks to @93octane or reminding me of one of the most successful Tweetups of the year. I believe #PBRDrinkOff was the first late night Tweetup and most attended Tweetup in Charlotte. Some photos of the event.

Got something to add that I forgot or want to correct something I badly screwed up? Leave a comment and I will add your details.

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  1. We're always looking for new events to attend and meet new people in the industry, so I'll have to check out the '09 version of these. Thanks!

  2. We're always looking for new events to attend and meet new people in the industry, so I'll have to check out the '09 version of these. Thanks!

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