Pinterest Is Perfect For Your Dear Santa Letter

by | Dec 21, 2011

Social image bookmarking site Pinterest is very hot right now, even though the site is still invite only. If you have not tested it out, Pinterest is simply a place to save and share images from around the web. You “pin” images to a “board” and anyone that follows you or that board sees it.

Even better, all images on Pinterest are links to whereever you found them, by default. So if you want to buy that cool pair of shoes your friend pinned, click through. If you want to see more info on an inspirational poster or what beach your friend took a photo of, click through.

When you create simple, yet limiting constructs as social media platforms, innovation will follow. Twitter has proven this, Instagram is on the same path, and the same applies to Pinterest.

When I asked the lovely Nicole D’Alonzo what she wanted for Christmas, she began to put together a list for me. But seeing as we both work in social media, she knew there had to be a social tool out there that was perfect for the task.

And Pinterest was a brilliant solution. You can browse all the potential gifts as images on one page, you can comment and like, as can Nicole or whoever created the list, and you can click through to get more info or buy the item.

Nordstrom is on Pinterest and in the holiday sprit with their Nordstrom Santa board. Bergdorf has a pretty actionable set of holiday gift boards including this “Gifts for Him” board that I have to say is pretty awesome. And plenty of other brands and people are finding cool and innovative uses for Pinterest, like a Dream Destinations board of places you want to visit or Whole Foods’ recycling board showing examples of people reusing everyday products.

Are you using Pinterest?





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