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I have definitely done this, no ill will intended here. Just a little fun with words.

MeTweet n. or v. – To republish someone else’s positive tweet about you.

It can be a good self promotion tool a slight step down from seeming completely self absorbed. Plus it can serve as a sort of thank you. Or it can be a very transparent way for you to let the world know how great you are, according to others of course.


Is MeTweet the best word for this phenomenon? No clue. If you have a better suggestion, by all means, chime in.

Tip: To check someone else’s MeTweets, use this twitter search “@username from:username”.

3 Responses

  1. How about “Vanitweet”? ;)

  2. jakrose

    ha, nice. I like it. sounds fancier

    I was thinking metweet might serve better describing when you retweet
    yourself. But that was too far down the rabbit hole

  3. jijisun

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