by | May 28, 2009

Another new media-word based on my personal experience.

Metricphilia n. – Obsession with and love of metrics, ROI, and online stats in general.

I played with a few root words here and ultimately had to decide between the suffixes of philia (love of, obsession), holism (addiction to), and mania (unreasonable enthusiasm). All could work, but I feel philia really spoke to the intimate nature some of the relationship many have with their metrics.

This can be commonly characterized by constantly checking your blog traffic, twitter followers/rank, and even PageRank or Alexa score. It can be quite constructive information, but we often follow the numbers a little too closely, wondering how many people searching our key words actually visited our blog landing page in the last 30 seconds.

Ever refreshed a stats pages after viewing the results only a few minutes before? You are likely afflicted and giving a little too much love to your metrics.

Got any examples of your own?





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