Gettin’ Social in 2009


Charlotte, NC Social Media events coming in 2009

  • BarCamp Charlotte ( January 23-24th – The first big event of 2009 will be BarCamp Charlotte. BarCamp is a user generated conference, find out more here. They are using a Google Group for some of the planning of the event and they just recently jumped onto Twitter, with their website coming soon.
  • Social Fresh Social Media Conference Late August – As the first Social Media Conference in Charlotte, Social Fresh aims to bring big name speakers, already to include NPR Social Media Director Andy Carvin, big attendance, and a wide variety of quality content focused on how Social Media is changing the world. We are also playing with allowing everyone to vote on who the speakers are outside of the keynote speakers.
  • If you are interested in staying in the loop on the 3 events above, please let me know by filling out the below form:

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  • Better Tweetups – Of course we hope the Twitter Meetups continue to grow in size and quality, but we also plan to build on the every-other-Friday success of #BtynBiz, holding more regular University Tweetups and quarterly City Wide Tweetups Uptwon.
  • Possible PodCamp – This is in the brainstorming stage. If interested, let @Charlotte_SEO know.
  • Startup Weekends – There are a few people talking about getting together early in the Spring and trying to kick off some entrepenureal projects over a weekend or two. If you are interested, attend the next Tweetup and ask around.
  • What Happened In 2008? – Be sure to check out the year in review for what happened in 2008.

Anything else happening on the 2009 Social Media Calendar? Enlighten me in the comments section.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Charlotte Podcamp. The more I think about that, the more I want to do it. I just need to get a domain name and pick a date. I think the rest will just happen.

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