12 Hilarious Facebook Timeline Updates From @OldSpice

by | Mar 26, 2012

Facebook Timeline is now here whether you like it or not.

And a big part of what Facebook wants brands to do with the new Timeline is to tell stories. Photos are very important. Even more important is the backdated updates and Milestones that pages can now build out.

Sportcenter has images of some of it’s early broadcasts. Burberry has archived photos of South Pole explorers wearing their early clothing.

It is early days, and already there are some great, creative Facebook Timeline examples.  My favorite so far is Old Spice. Staying true to their irreverence, Old Spice has staked claim to their products helping certain important moments in history. Not important moments in Old Spice history, but history history.

Warning: Some of these may offend you.

1. Old Spice Created By Australian Ninja Leopard

2. Old Spice Delays Invention of VCR

3 & 4. Speed of Sound Surpassed and TV Invented

5. The Greatest Generation

6. Boom of Babies

7. Immacu-scent Conception

8. Moon Nacho Franchise

9. Bell Bottoms

10. Pre Internet

11. Berlin Wall

12. El Niño


This list is now diamonds.







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