Facebook Dominating Google in Press Mentions

by | May 24, 2012

Research tool, HighBeam Research, calculated the amount of media attention each company has received over the past several years. From 2004 when it was founded through 2008, Facebook remained well behind Google in the amount of media attention it received.

Then, in 2009, Facebook took the top spot with more than 27,000 mentions in the media. Since that time, Facebook’s media attention has only grown; and so far in 2012, it remains on top with more than 42,000 mentions compared to Google’s 13,000.

Is Facebook that much more important than Google?

Really interesting story being told here. Google is the larger company by far in revenue. And even in users (though Facebook is getting closer and closer). But Facebook, as a social network that people spend ungodly amounts of time on, captures the public’s attention.

Scandals, natural disasters, politics, all kinds of news and media can revolve around Facebook elements. It is an online version of the real social world.

Many think this public addiction and fervor for Facebook is the reason the stock sold at such a high price when Facebook held their IPO last week.

Do we make social networks seem bigger and more important than they really are?






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