Creativity and Innovation Keynote Speaker

Jason Keath brings incredibly practical and useful information to the audiences he speaks to. As a creativity and digital innovation keynote speaker, his focus is on ingenuity and creative problem solving — how to make yourself, your organization and your marketing more creative, more inventive, and fresh.

Jason has spoken in front of thousands of business owners, marketers, and corporations. He taps into the pulse of today’s rapidly expanding business ecosystem. He does not just speak about brainstorming, advertising, or social media — he speaks to why and how whole industries are shifting and how businesses can be empowered by these transitions. And what they should do next.

Bring in Jason Keath to speak to your audience about creativity and how a more innovative workforce equals better business. He shows business owners and marketers how to capitalize on the new reality of a today’s connected world.


One of the highest rated speakers of over 45 presenters!

Dave Kerpen, CEO | Likeable U

I couldn’t take notes fast enough.

Peggy Fitzpatrick, Kreussler Inc | New Media Expo

He packed the house …the most quoted of the day. Jason has the unique talent of taking very complex topics and making them real to an audience.

Stephanie Bridges, Marketing Lead | Webtrends

Keynote Topics

1. Beyond Whiteboards and Brainstorms: How Creativity Drives Your Bottom Line

Best Audience: Corporations, C-Suite, HR Professionals, Professional Organizations, Startups + Technology

A company that invests in creativity will see results far beyond brainstorm meetings. Creative cultures see an increase in sales, talent retention, and productivity. The process of cultivating creativity is much bigger than whiteboards and brainstorms and can influence every aspect of your business for the better. The benefits include not just increased business outcomes in hard metrics, but also increased employee satisfaction.


  • Learn how creativity (or lack thereof) directly impacts your bottom line
  • Determine where to start to increase company-wide creativity
  • Discover 5 diverse companies that have excelled due to their investment in creativity
  • Understand how to cultivate individual creativity, starting with the C-suite
  • Learn how to create to a culture based on values and shared vision

2. The Future of Social Media: Where To Spend Your Resources for the Best Return

Best Audience: Agencies, Digital + Marketing Professionals, Professional Orgs, Small Business, Startups + Technology

As competition for attention increases across all social networks and content channels, learning how to spend your time and money more efficiently becomes essential. From Snapchat to video content to social advertising trends, this session will examine where companies are putting their resources today and planning to invest in the future.


  • Learn which social networks produce the best ROI
  • Determine which content marketing formats are seeing the most consistent production and results
  • Find out how your business should be thinking about dark social and social messaging
  • Discover how businesses invest their time across digital strategy, promotion, and execution
  • Learn which social advertising solutions are seeing the most future investment

3. Increase Productivity By Building A Creative Workspace

Best Audience: HR Professionals, Procurement Professionals, Professional Orgs, Startups + Technology

The typical work space has evolved from drab and dreary to open and distracting. Both can be terrible for cultivating a creative environment. And yet, there are aspects of both, old and new, that help build a creative ecosystem–from designing the right office layout to deciding how employee’s workday hours are invested.


  • Learn how investing in a creative workspace increases productivity
  • Discover what science can tell us about office layouts, setup, and even furniture
  • Determine the right balance of both distraction and focus for employees to succeed
  • Find out how to hire and cultivate employees into a creative ecosystem

4. Why You Suck At Brainstorming

Best Audience: Agencies, Digital, PR, + Marketing Professionals, Small Business, Startups + Technology, Professional Orgs

The modern brainstorm meeting is broken. It’s usually short on preparation and long on negative feedback–exactly the kind of thing that prevents good ideas. This session will outline a clear blueprint for brainstorm meetings that produce killer ideas and cultivate a safe space for creative thinking.


  • Learn the first brainstorm step that most teams skip
  • Find out the best approach for building a strong brainstorm team
  • Discover why more “bad ideas” are essential to a successful brainstorm
  • Understand the power of anonymous ideation and where it fits in the process
  • Determine a simple 3-step process that will allow your business to produce, filter, and act on more big ideas

Previous Keynote Speaking Engagements

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Salesforce
  • New York University
  • Oracle
  • LexisNexis
  • HubSpot
  • Likeable Media 
  • Webtrends
  • AMA – American Marketing Association
  • AAF – American Advertising Federation
  • EO Alchemy – Entrepreneurs Organization
  • PRSA – Public Relations Society of America
  • Mosaic – Exclusive NYC Networking Group
  • Internet Hungary – EU Digital Marketing Conference 
  • New Media Expo – Digital Marketing Conference

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