Keynote Speaker

“Jason Keath delivered an impactful presentation at LikeableU. He was one of the highest rated speakers of over 40 total presenters!”

- Dave Kerpen, Likeable Media

“I couldn’t take notes fast enough.”

- Peggy Fitzpatrick, Kreussler Inc

“He packed the house and delivered an insightful presentation which was the most quoted of the day.  Jason has the unique talent of taking very complex topics and making them real to an audience.”

- Stephanie Bridges, Webtrends

Jason taps into the pulse of the rapidly expanding social media ecosystem – for the business perspective. He does not just speak about social media, he speaks to why it is changing every industry and how businesses can be empowered by it.

Social media equals better business and Jason shows business owners and marketers how to capitalize on the new reality of a social web.

Email speaking AT socialfresh DOT com to see if I am available for your event.

Jason is CEO and founder of Social Fresh, the social media training company. At Social Fresh, Jason is afforded a very unique insight into the industry of social media. On a daily basis he interacts with large brands, small businesses, leading industry vendors, and the agencies big and small that are shaping the space.

Jason is a thought leader in the industry. He has hosted and spoken at the industry’s top events. He is quoted on the topic of social media by top publications like the NY Times, USA Today, ABC, NPR, and the Washington Post on a regular basis. As well as appearing on national TV, like MSNBC and PBS, to speak about social media.

When Jason speaks to a group of business owners or marketers, they will not only learn something new and be inspired to experiment in the social media space, they will receive actionable steps to help them implement the latest best practices right away.

Request Jason as a speaker now by emailing speaking AT socialfresh DOT com.

Past Speaking Engagements

Speaking Topics

Below are three of Jason’s most requested speaking topics. Jason is available to adjust to any audience and content you could imagine that relates to social media. So if these topics are not exactly what you are looking for, please email speaking AT socialfresh DOT com and let us know more.

  1. Happy Collisions The Art and Science of Innovation, Finding Your Next Big Idea
  2. Why You Suck At Brainstorming Understanding Where Ideas Come From
  3. Community As Your Secret Revenue Weapon: How Empowering The Crowd Is All That Matters
  4. The Social Advertising Ecosystem: The Key To Leveraging The World’s Largest Social Networks for Business Results
  5. Blogging For Business: Content Marketing Is A Business Smart Bomb
  6. Influencer Outreach: Building A Word of Mouth Army
  7. Location Based Marketing: More Than Just Check-ins
  8. The Future of Agencies in a Social Media World
  9. Pinterest: How To Leverage the Next Big Thing In Social Media

Email speaking AT socialfresh DOT com to get in touch about a speaking opportunity.

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