Jason Keath’s focus is on researching how marketers succeed and the best ways to teach others those insights. As the Founder and CEO of Social Fresh, the social media education company, he curates some of the smartest voices in online marketing.

Jason also works as a social media speaker, consultant and analyst, having presented to thousands of marketers at events like Blogworld and Internet Hungary among many others. Jason has consulted with Fortune 100 and Inc 5000 companies on social media strategy and development.

He is routinely quoted in the media by media outlets like Forbes USA Today, NBC, NY Times, LA Times, AdAge, the Washington Post. He also founded the social media directory, InvestInSocial.com, currently listing over 1,000 social media companies.

Graduating from UNC Charlotte with a fine arts degree, Jason’s roots are firmly in the creative arts. He thrives on ideas and inspiring others to build something new, to take chances as entrepreneurs and marketers. Jason lives in New York City with his beautiful girlfriend Nicole D’Alonzo. You can find him blogging from your local coffee shop or roaming the streets of New York City as a full time tourist.

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Jason Keath

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Jason Keath

Jason Keath

Jason Keath

Jason Keath

Longer “About Jason”

I thrive on ideas. Problem solving is my passion. For this, my lack of focus is often an asset. Yet when I need to know something, I devour it by reading, researching, and analyzing everything I can get my hands on.

Social Media and online technology has been the focus of this energy for some time, long before the term social media existed. I remember rocking out on an Apple II in first grade knowing that this was going to be huge, that computers were the future for many great things.

When I was in high school, I taught a class after school for teachers, showing them how to build their own websites. In college I floated from computer science to communications to graphic design as my major. None of them were quite right, but I knew all of them were a piece of the puzzle. I loved being an art major simply because of the outlet it provided for creativity.

Media is information with value. The quality of that value, in many forms, is debatable, but any time someone decides to consume information, it is media. The consumer controls the value equation.

The difference between the media of old and the media of now is the tools that the internet provides for anyone to create content and market that content to the world. Anyone today can be their own media outlet. This increases the chance for value because it increases the competition, giving a greater chance for those who are the best to rise to the top.

My passion is helping others find how to use the technology available online to create better content, reach more people, and most importantly offer more value. I truly believe social media is creating a better world, better people. And what holds more value than that?

If you need new ideas, email me or say hello on Twitter.


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